World Aids Day 2016

The theme of World Aids Day 2016 is “Leadership. Commitment. Impact.” Our partner organization AED-Lidaw, an association of Togolese people living with HIV, is evidence that leadership and commitment lead to impact.

AED-Lidaw was founded in 2001 by a small group of individuals living with HIV and their families. In 2005, three AED-Lidaw patients started on lifesaving antiretroviral therapy. Today HTH and AED-Lidaw provide care for nearly 2,000 patients living with HIV across five health centers and coordinates a regional program of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. The HIV care program relies on the use of Community Health Workers, who are themselves living with HIV, to extend clinic based care into patients homes and to provide psychosocial support. As a result, the program maintains high rates of adherence to antiretroviral therapy.

HTH and AED-Lidaw operate a Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission program to prevent the transmission of HIV to infants. In the past three years, 100% of babies born through the program have been HIV free.

The Togolese Ministry of Health has recognized HTH and AED-Lidaw for its successful HIV/ AIDS programs. HTH and AED-Lidaw’s Antiretroviral Adherence Program was accredited by the Ministry of Health as one of the best public antiretroviral distribution sites in Togo.  HTH and AED-Lidaw’s Pediatric HIV Program has been selected by the Ministry of Health as a center of excellence.

Today we celebrate our amazing partner organization, AED-Lidaw, and the magnificent strides they have made over the past 15 years to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Togo.