Help us renovate three health centers!

Being a patient at the health center in Kpindi, Sarakawa, or Djamde in northern Togo, is filled with challenges. It means sitting on a bench with a row of other patients, mostly mothers holding babies, all waiting to be seen by the nurse. It often means enduring a lack of privacy in the crowded hospitalization room with several other patients. It means lying on the ground, or on a wooden bench in a crowded hallway when the few beds are all occupied. It means giving birth with no running water, no access to latrines or places to bathe. It means trusting that the care will be of better quality than the state of the building would suggest.

The Kpindi Health Center, in desperate need of renovations.

One mother describes her experience giving birth at the Sarakawa Health Center : “The midwife was great, she took very good care of me and my baby was born healthy. But there’s no running water here. The tank of water ran out while I was in labor. The midwife could no longer keep the area clean, she couldn’t wash her hands, she couldn’t wash my daughter either until someone was finally able to fetch more water.” 

A young mother and her newborn at the Sarakawa Health Center, one of the three health centers to be renovated by Hope Through Health and partners.

Community members are in agreement that renovations to the health centers in Kpindi, Sarakawa and Djamde will dramatically improve the patient experience at these health centers. “Patients leave before they are healthy because the center is small, hot and crowded,” explains Tchilalo, a mother in Kpindi. “I think after the renovations, the village will feel proud of our clinic, we will feel comfortable and confident going here for care, for ourselves and our children.”

Patients wait in the hallway of the Sarakawa Health Center. The roof leaks during the rainy season, and the drop ceiling is infested with bats. Soon, this building will be renovated.

It’s time to build health centers that reflect the high quality of services being delivered inside their walls. In partnership with Construction for Change and the 30/30 Project, Hope Through Health is planning to renovate three rural health centers in northern Togo to ensure that communities have a safe and clean building in which to receive basic healthcare with dignity.

Our partners have already pledged to fund two-thirds of this project. WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise the final $50,000 by June 30th in order to break ground on these renovations. Will you join us in building dignified health for all, starting in Togo? Make your contribution today.